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This site brings you the new application which simplifies the way in which salons and spas take appointments. By this site you can utilize all the booking process taking place online, with all the merits. It simply implies both to the manager of the venue itself and the client.

The managers can ameliorate and avoid appointments right as they come through, and the utility to have reminders automatically sent out to required customers. It actually goes a long way into reducing no-shows. Naturally you can get the peace of mind which comes from knowing they won’t make mistakes and not booked two different customers at the same time.

The prospective customers can have the ability to make appointments straight from their computers. It is cinch cheaper than calling by phone. You have different paid plans are available namely Solo, Basic, Value and Max. This site supports an increasing number of stylists and clients. You can also get free plan which is also provided for trial purposes.

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