Collaborative Task Management

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This web application has been given importance to the prioritization which has come out with more simplified concepts. You can still come across like Stars, exclamation marks and highlighters which are out dated. The potent tasks are grouped into cells in this web application by importance and how soon you require completing them. You can cinch simply drag and drop tasks between cells to change their priority.

It is possible to work with others efficiently. You can easily share any grid with anyone while keeping the rest of your grids private. Thus by keeping your colleagues and friends up-to-date on a project should not involve long meetings and a numerous series of emails. It is haste and facile to use and in fact you can manage you’re to dos efficiently. They have designed this web application to be as haste and facile as using sticky notes or notepad.

This persuasive web application considered being versatile and everything in life can be prioritized. Naturally you can club down things which adore remembering like shopping lists, recopies, apt useful shortcuts or anything else which comes to mind. It is possible to categorize your tasks into grids which is also can be resized to accommodate the apt requirements of each of your projects. With this web application you can optimized for all your small screen devices such that you can manage and access your tasks from anywhere.

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