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Have you ever thought how the prehistoric life was and how the heroes of those ages used to live their life and fight the battles? It is such an amazing subject that grabs interest of each and every individual no matter what age group they belong to and what profession they are involved in. the characters are fun to look at and the stories are always quite catchy. Today, it is your turn to experience such an age and guide such a hero through your iPhone. You can check out the amazing Pangea Quest to guide the prehistoric hero through his journey.

Pangea Quest, presented by Oscar Ayala Montao is a new app on iTunes which is currently available for free. It is a game based on simple game play and logic and the graphics is kept quite simple. It is a 2d game with no ads and comes with numerous levels. You can check out levels and if you want to access the full set of levels you can buy the game from the iTunes store at $0.99. Your aim in the game is to find all the gold coins and discover the secret levels where you can earn more. There will be enemies and obstacle in the game which you will have to overcome through the journey.


  • The hero in the game can be controlled with your fingertip and it can jump and move both ways.
  • There are a total of 40 levels in the game and there are many secret levels to discover throughout the game.
  • There are challenges in the form of enemies which you will have to overcome in the course of your journey.
  • This is a 2D game without any ads.
  • The levels will get difficult as you progress
  • You require finding gold coins in each of the levels and that is not going to be quite easy.
  • You require collecting apples in the levels and you can also purchase handful of apps from the store.
  • The main menu of the game will show you the map through which you require to travel.
  • There will be water levels which you will have to cross with your skills.
  • It is a colourful game and thus it is going to be a visual treat.
  • The version 1.0 of the game is available for free with limited levels.
  • The game requires iOS 6.0 or later and takes around 60.3 MB space on your device.

Summary: Pangea Quest is a fun game where you are going to go back to the pre historic age where raw fruits were the staple diet. You are going to help your hero win through several challenges and move ahead while collecting coins.

Good: There are both underwater and land based level which makes sure that the user is not bored with the game.

Bad: The visuals though is colourful is not quite advanced to look at. Especially the central character of the game could have much clarity.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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