ScareCauldron For The Most Scary And Fun Filled Halloween

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Halloween is just round the corner and you are already in the spooky mood. It is fun to create scary faces and have fun with your friends and family. However, the mood of Halloween is not restricted to only one day. The fun can continue for the whole year if you have an app like ScareCauldron. This time, you are not limited to spooky look, you have the freedom to mix sounds and scare your friends and mom with this new app. The app is designed for playing spooky sounds to make your home a haunted one, this Halloween. It is a must have app on your android phone and it is provided free for the time being.

ScareCauldron is an application made for android users and for making the festive season even more fun. The app is developed by Bit Cauldron, especially for the coming hallowing, and everlasting fun with friends. The application allows you to turn off the background music which makes the atmosphere scarier. This casual sound mixing app can be kept on for a long time and the occasional spooky sound coming out of the app with convert any normal room to a haunted one. Some of the fascinating features of the app are:


  • It is a simple sound mixing game with simple operation. You will see a pot on the screen where you can drag and drop the sounds and mix them.
  • Each scary sound comes with a picture. Dragging the sound icon to the pot will result in playing the sound.
  • The app allows you to mix sound. There is no restriction to the number of sounds you can mix.
  • Mix them to create unique sound effects that can horrify anyone around.
  • The haunt mode of the application would allow you to keep the app running and at the same time you can have your flashlight on to make yourself visible. Take the opportunity to create an overall haunted ambiance.
  • The speakerphone and mixing mode will make the sounds louder and you can not only make a room haunted, but create a spooky ambiance everywhere in the house.
  • This app requires android 2.3 and up for functioning.
  • The current version of the app, 1.10 takes only 16m space in your android device.
  • The app is quite easy to use and the sound quality is good and clear.

Summary: The app, ScareCauldron is a fun app for the Halloween. It is made to create Halloween experience even more haunted with the scary sounds which adds to the Halloween look. You can keep the application on for a long time but make sure your device is attached to the power source for uninterrupted fun.

Good: The app gives you option to mix any number of sounds and create an unique sound, every time. You can also choose to install the paid updates which will offer you more sounds to create new haunted ambiance.

Bad: The app does not have much operation and complexities and thus some people may call it an app for kids.

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