ScareTimer – Scare Prank Android App Review

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You can use the ScareTimer-Scare Prank for scaring or startling your friends and even make a recording of the gag. It is an application aimed at amusement and for making practical jokes on others. The user can even set a video of a screaming ghoul in a delayed response format and then give the app to a friend or to the person on whom the prank is to be played. The person will be playing with the device and using some application or the other for some time. Suddenly the scare video will come up and scare the wits out of the person.


  • The app is easy to use.
  • It can be easily set up and can even shoot the video through the camera that is front facing in order to record the reaction of the victim.
  • It is available both as the free version and as the Pro version.
  • The application has to be opened by selecting the option ‘Start scaring your friends’. Next, you need to select the scare video of your choice and then suit a video delay. You then click on ‘Start’ and then pass it on to a friend and wait for the reaction.
  • The front facing camera can be used for recording the reaction of the victim.
  • You can share the video with friends or you can even upload the video to a service of ScareTimer.
  • If the app crashes while trying to watch the video, you can play the video back from the section of Saved Videos.
  • The delay can be set for up to five minutes, which gives you enough time to lull the other person into feeling secure and making him use the device.
  • The menu system and options are easy and you just have to check out the numbered list.
  • The application offers ten videos for using on your friends to scare them. There are two videos in the free version and eight additional ones in the Pro version.

The Good

The application has a great design and the videos and sounds are really scary. You can take videos with the front facing camera and this can then be shared with others for fun and enjoyment. The application also offers several delay options. The video animations are very effective. The application is very good for those having a number of friends. You can also use it on the same friend again, when he has forgotten it.

The Bad

When the person starts to play the video, the App force closes. In case the person is too frightened, he might even drop the device and this could be a negative point for the owner of the device.


The ScareTimer-Scare Prank is a very easy to use application from ScarePunch, which is used for making practical jokes on others and scaring them. The app is very easy to use and it can be set up easily. It can be very effectively used on April 1st, which is known as the Fool’s day for hoaxes and pranks.

Worth Having Application – Download the application


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