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Every other day, you will get the news of a mobile being hacked and that has resulted into a big loss of the user. This is because we store our valuable information in our mobile device and with the smart iPhone being there in the market, your jobs are done with a click from the device. Bank information, PDF files and other mobile data are stored in the iDevice, but have you ever cared for their security. Now, you don’t have to worry at all as ScipherKey is available for the iTunes users. This is a new app in the store which takes care of all your valuable files and data and saves them from theft.

ScipherKey, presented by Shahab Hamidi-Rad, is a paid app on iTunes. You can use a single password to protect all your username and password, bank details and PDF files and at the same time sync the data with other devices without needing an internet connection. You don’t need to transfer the files using internet or cloud as the software uses multi peer connectivity to synchronize data around your devices. It is easy to use software that is available for $2.99 and the protection it provides is priceless.


•    The app is known for securing bank details, pdf files, images, credit card details and username and passwords from the chance of being hacked. There is only one password to it and you are sorted.
•    The app synchronizes the data over all your devices using multi peer system which does not require any internet connection or cloud upload.
•    There are 9 different types of field and you can modify your field and add or delete an existing field.
•    You can create an image set to save a group of images into one location.
•    If you have created an item, you have the liberty to add any number of PDF files to that item.
•    Information you add can be organized according to hierarchy of catagories such as fields, items and categories.
•    Your information is going to get encrypted with the use of military grade 256 bit AES method of encrisption. For the perpose, the app creates an encryption key. This will include images and PDF files.
•    All items can be arranged as per the first letter of the item. This will make it easy to search.
•    The app comes with built-in generator for password.
•    You just need to purchase the app for once and you it in all your iDevices.
•    Secure copy paste feature, temporary lock out feature make the app even more interesting.
•    You have an additional smart search feature which makes searching through items quite easy.
•    The version 1.2.1 of the app is available for $2.99.
•    The app requires 4.9MB space on your device and it requires iOS 7.0 or later to run.


ScipherKey is a security app for you iDevices which locks all your major documents, pdf files, images, credit card information and more through a single password. Apart from that, it synchronizes data over devices without the need of internet or cloud connection.

Good: One purchase is enough for all the iDevices you use.

Bad: Nothing bad is reported about the app.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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