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Finding the right match online when it comes to dating can be a daunting task. Most people that do not delve into the dating sites have a number of concerns. The top most of these concerns is safety. The World Wide Web is full of people that you can have fun and connect with. It is also full of creepy and weird people using the same means to stalk victims. Most sites will have safety unchecked while still charging for the dating services. What if it were possible to meet the right person before checking them out literally? What if it were possible to let someone know you without them checking your personal information? Getting the right match can take forever. It is more like doing a million interviews to find the right one. It is for this reason that score-match was created.

The app comes with a number of capabilities that make it the best option for online daters to use. One of the final steps of online dating is meeting the person. Score ensures that you do not end up meeting a hundred people for you to get to know them better. Your profile will need to be exposed when an individual wants to get to know you more. This gets more intimate than you are comfortable with when it comes to strangers. The score-match works on the premise of two people taking quizzes that are fun and intimate to create a compatibility match. The quizzes make it easier for people that have close interests to meet. Perusing through dozens of profiles is not only tricky but deceptive.

One of the best attributes of these quizzes is that they are linked to Facebook. This will ensure that the individual that you are connecting with gives you true information. Facebook allows you to have a better chance of knowing who you are talking to. It also minimizes lies that people will write online just to hook a date. The process eliminates frauds by a huge percentage. Going through face book profile gives a good idea of the individual’s lifestyle thanks to the pots and pictures. The friends they have will also let you in on the personality of the individual. This in turn allows you to make an educated decision about the individual.

The Score-match app will grade the quizzes and compare the scores. The highest scores are determined by relativity to the person of interest. The higher the score one gets the closer the match. Closer interests mean that the person is compatible to you. The quizzes will range from crazy fun questions all the way to more intimate ones. They will create a good base of discussion once you meet the person. The best thing about is that the line of frogs that you will need to kiss will grow shorter by miles. The apps is fast and easy to install and use. The user interface is quite interesting allowing you to do as many quizzes as you want.

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