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If you like taking a cruise out to the seas or just plainly like nautical adventures, Sea Mayor is a great place to plan your next trip to that place you are dying to go. Sea Mayor is a brand new web app where you could view about other places of interest that would interest and excite the seaman inside you. If you are travelling to a certain place, Sea Mayor would help you search that place for any great spots for any marina activities.

For example, if I want to have a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas, I could use this web app to search places in Bahamas. The web app would then return me the results where they would be categorized to 2 different types; Adventures and Places. Adventures would show you places where you could have a whale of a time; they mostly include places with a lot of marina activities. For example, since I had entered The Bahamas, the search engine returned the Sea of Abaco where the web app would show me the exact location of it and even highlighted the whole sea. It would also show the “Places” where there are either resorts, marinas or places that you could stay at.

The web app is also very helpful in various other ways. You could view the weather forecast for that particular location; see if the temperature is just right for you. You can also see wind speeds and wind directions so that if you are a surfing enthusiast, you could roughly predict the waves today. The web app is also great for spotting seamarks and tidal scale. It also provides information about the marine profile and traffic, great for those who want to rent a yacht out to the big blue sea. You can even zoom into the map if your eyesight is not that great and the option of allowing you to switch to satellite view is another good, where you could observe how the situation there is before heading down to your dream location.

The web app also help you calculate the fuel total needed to circumvent the entire sea. For the Sea of Abaco case, it would need roughly 260 liters of fuel for a speed of 50 and a fuel consumption of 250. Another great thing about this web app would be the ease of find images for that particular place; I could view the sights of the Sea of Abaco without even stepping out of the house, allowing me to preview what is to be expected.

However, the web app would also need to improve more on its places of interest. There are a lot more places of interests for sea lovers like you and me and this app did not include those places in. They did not include in much about Bali or Singapore, two of my favorite whenever I want to cruise or just plain relax after a nautical journey back. If the web app could improve in those areas, it would be a smashing hit.

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