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Homefacts Company released an android app that has been very helpful for prospective investors and home owners. The app provides important information on the happenings of the neighborhood. It also informs on the latest real estate investments that provides homes for sale properties. You only need to put in your key search term and all information about your search comes up. You discover very new and important detail that you could never have known.

Real Estate

Make use of the state map provided to find out about the homes that are available for sale in the estate using the app. Find your dream home or invest in a property of your choice. Pre-foreclosures and foreclosure are provided. There is also commercial properties information. You also find information about building permits in case you are looking to build a home investment.

Public services

There are statistics of public units like Hospitals, fire stations, airports and police stations. All information about these searches is well included in the app and you can use it to specify your enquiries. You will know about units that are of the best standards in the area.


Information on the best schools, library, universities and colleges are provided.


All demographics in the area and information about population are provided. The land and water area statistics are clearly laid out for you. If you want to know about the rate of unemployment in the area you could research the info. Reports on politics, cemeteries, retirement homes and religions in the area are provided on the app. You are able to know about nursing homes and rehab centers available.

Natural Disasters

You are provided with information on the states that have been affected by the difficulties of natural calamities. These include earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes.

Security Matters

You are given information on the offenders. There is a directory that has a list and statistics of all the offenders within the state. Drug labs and any crime instance that has ever been reported are noted.


Issues and statistics about the weather like UV index, Radon and air quality is kept up to date.

Environmental Hazards

The app has a superfund site that shows any land that has ever been affected by contamination of hazard waste. These reports have been confirmed by an environmental agency and the areas have been subdued to cleanups as it poses a risk to the environment and human health. Areas that have abandoned commercial buildings and factories are noted. Information on states containing polluters of the environment and oil spillage by tanks is well laid out.

Homefacts application continues to be helpful in providing important information to people who are intending to invest in a certain state. All this information comes in handy when you are deciding on a new area to move into and probably own a business there. The company has professionals who have specifications in being investigative and this makes them end up with every detail about all states in the surrounding. It is wise to find out precise details about an area, not out of hearsay, but out of facts, before you actually invest in it.

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