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SearchEnabler is an online Search Engine Optimization platform that, according to the developer – Quickolabs, provides various methods to increase the client’s website visibility by increasing overall ranking in search engines. SearchEnabler offers its clients the opportunity to increase its overall ranking in the organic searches- the non-paid search results with several interesting features.

Here are some of the features of SearchEnabler

SEO Campaigns

SearchEnabler for SEO campaigns identifies competitors, performs keyword searches and manages keyword-page paring to setup the right SEO campaign for the client.

Site Audits and Analysis

The best site navigation and overall site performance translates to better ranking in the search engines which means more site visibility. SearchEnabler preforms routine audits to the client’s site to identify issues like poor performance, malware, page errors that might affect the client’s website. This platform also allows the client to target, track and analyze data of any competing website.

On Page Competitive Analysis

SearchEnabler( SEO Platform ) makes sure that the client completes a page Search Engine Optimization analysis against higher ranking pages for every matching target keyword. This ensures that the client compares every factor against the highest ranking URLs to improve the client’s page optimization score and search ranking.

Competitor Analysis

SearchEnabler assists in identifying and balancing long term and short term goals, by providing multilevel competitive analysis. The information is divided into general website level and keyword level. General website level analysis of the business competitor provides all the information to improve the client’s website long term standing. While keyword analysis allows the more immediate achievement of driving up the organic search traffic by improving the rank in the search engines.

Research and Discovery

SearchEnabler incorporates both constant keyword research and analytics to link search volumes with traffic metrics and spot potentially high keywords for search engine optimization. Regularly adding new keywords increases the client’s business and widens the client’s search marketing campaign.

Reporting and Analytics

SearchEnabler merges Search Engine Optimization reporting software with analytics such as traffic, geography, and bounce rates, Backlinks, keyword rankings, among others. These factors matter most to the client’s business venture, and when combined, they offer a complete picture of the impact of the client’s website search engine optimization (SEO) efforts on their business.

SearchEnabler currently only offers an invitation only Beta starter plan (perfect for individuals or starting up businesses) which offers for a single website: 3 competitor analysis, 5 keyword campaigns 3,000 backlink analysis, Google Analytics Integration and email support. Once SearchEnabler is fully operational it is expected to start from $15 a month.

The Downside

SearchEnabler allows the client to establish an online presence that very few other Search Engine Optimization platforms can offer. This along with Social media campaigning and interaction will allow the client’s business to target an audience that otherwise would not have heard of the company. Investing time and resources in SEO techniques is reflected directly in an increase of site volume and increased revenue. However the only downside is that the Quicko Labs doesn’t offer a free limited time trial because, apparently, it requires analysis of terabytes of information. Also, in order for the developers to offer a cost-effective free trial, which would mean that the platform would be stripped of integral features to lower the cost. We recommend potential clients to email technical support for more information and ask EVERY question that might possibly come up. We also suggest to virtually window shop for SEO platforms before fully committing to one company. Even without a free trial, you can still browse for people’s reviews on the app in order to know what to expect.

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    good software for seo companies….

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    SearchEnabler Optimization (SEO) is very useful for SEO business and we have to congrates to it’s devloper.


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