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We can accurately define Send Blaster as an Internet tool that can be used for implementing email marketing campaigns and gauging how successful these are really turning to be.

As far as creating campaigns go, you will be able to use free email templates that will give you professional-looking results with little to no effort. Besides, email messages can be imported from external files (such as html documents) and both attachments and images can be included as part of any promotional email that you send on its way.

And something as pivotal as giving your readers the option to unsubscribe has been thankfully taken into account, and it is implemented by merely adding an opt-out link at the bottom of the email.

For its part, you will be able to import your contacts both from Outlook and Thunderbird, and create mailing lists in an entirely harmonic way.

As an application, Send Blaster can be used for free. That is, what you can use for free is the web-based version of Send Blaster. A desktop version is also available, and you can buy it by paying a one time fee.


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