SexyShake live wallpaper : Heat up the Home Screen of Your Android Phone

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The home screen wallpaper of your smart phone talks a lot about your taste and personality. It does not only talk about your style it keeps you close to your mobile. You will always like to be greeted with the wallpaper that rejuvenates your mood. That is the reason why there are so many android apps providing live and still wallpapers. However, there are a very few that can provide an additional feature with the wallpaper. SexyShake live wallpaper provides you that facility along with a whole lot of beautiful and sexy wallpapers which you can change with a as frequently as you want.

SexyShake live wallpaper is a whole new app with a feature that is sensuous and different. All you need to do is to set it as your home screen wallpaper and whenever you will shake it the model will dance. There are six beautiful and hot real models to watch out and you can enjoy their dance, really closely. One additional feature is that when you rub or caress the girl, she will give you a nice gesture, but let this stay under wrap till you actually see it. You can just double click on the girl and she will be replaced with another one. There are real music videos incorporated in the software.


  • The wallpaper app consists of 6 girls and their videos.
  • The operation of the wallpaper is unique and you can use is very easily. You can just shake you device and the girl would start dancing.
  • You can change the wallpaper with a double click on the girl.
  • There are nice and hot emotions displayed by the dancing girl when you rub them.
  • These are real girls and no 3D art or graphics that would be displayed.
  • The lady does not start dancing as you swipe the screen, this makes using the app quite easy.
  • The app includes real videos of real women which can sometime be a bit too spicy for kids to watch.
  • These are colorful apps with the dance and consume of all girls being different.
  • There is no animation or 3D in the app which makes it look totally real.
  • The current version of the app, 1.021 takes around 85m space on your device, and you can use it on any android enabled device.
  • The app requires android 2.2 or up to be loaded.
  • The app runs real smoothly as the video is preset in your device.
  • It does not require any internet connection.

Summary: SexyShake live wallpaper by White and Light Production is a sensuous live wallpaper app with a twist. There is video incorporated in the app and with simple finger action you can see it doing a lot on the screen. The app is correctly priced at Rs. 106.62.

Good: It is a nice wallpaper app with spicy models dancing on the screen.

Bad: As the app is a video driven one, it can cost good amount of battery life, when in use.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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