Shake Islands Adventure – Building your Kingdom

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Shake Islands Adventure is a free app developed by for Android 2.1 and upwards. In this game, you can fulfill your dreams by getting rewards for building a ship and going to another island. Here, you can exploit the new and fresh area. You are basically provided with a bar for making money and building the ship with materials. You can get these materials through trading or exchanging and also by digging at the beach.


  • The game makes the player aim at being an ambitious businessman, wherein he has to fight hard to make his dreams come true.
  • The player can use his talents and start pioneering works.
  • It is an arcade simulator and requires a lot of strategy.
  • The player can get collections and awards that help him in constructing his transport, a ship, to travel to another island.
  • There are tanned locals who visit the bar, where unique cocktails are served.
  • You also have your very own garden and can grow different fruits here, with the basic idea being the construction of a transport.
  • It is a long and arduous way to your ship and you need to perform activities, such as collection of treasures and creating cocktails, in the course of exploring all the different islands.
  • The app is available in the 1.01 version and is of size 15.64 MB, available in the English language, requiring Android of 2.3 or up.
  • It is available under the Android games in the Arcade and Action section.
  • It is summer all the year round in Shake Islands, where you need to keep building and travelling.
  • All the activities, such as visiting the bar, making cocktails using original recipes and growing your own fruits in the garden are combined together, with the main purpose being that of transport construction.

The Good

The game is an elaborate one that has excellent and delightful graphics combined with pleasant and original music. It is very simple and easy to operate the game, with the transfer of screens being so rapid that there is no waste of time. You can enjoy the game, as it is challenging to start pioneering works and test how shrewd a businessman you are.

The Bad

Making the way to your ship is not easy. It is a long and difficult process.


Shake Islands Adventure is an arcade and action free game for the Android platform. The game is in the form of an arcade simulator and the user has to employ several strategies while constructing his transport to travel to another island. It is quite a difficult journey to travel to your ship and in the process, you need to do a lot of activities, such as growing fruits, making cocktails with original recipes and building your ship, in order to explore all the islands. You will also be able to collect a variety of treasures and several collections while building your ship. The player must keep building and travelling to new islands and exploring them, leading him to become an ambitious entrepreneur.

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