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As a small business owner or a start-up, costs and finances are a big deal. Saving on even the smallest things can give way to opportunity for more improvements and investments. The money saved on one aspect can be invested in another to make your company better as a whole. With limited funds, every penny counts and must be accounted for. Shipments are a big part of most small and big businesses. The amount that can be saved on shipment costs is indeed something that most companies would not have realised without the help of ‘Share a Refund’.

Majority of the companies that have shipments to make employ FedEx and UPS for this. The thing that most of these companies do not realise is that FedEx and UPS are entitled to refunds for late deliveries even if the shipment is to a third party. All you have to do is keep track and file a refund claim. Alas, this is easier said than done. This is where the website ‘Share a Refund’ comes into the picture. It will keep track of your shipments, find the late ones, file refund claims for you and report back with the credits delivered back to you. They do all the background hard work for you and split the credits with you.

To get started with Share a Refund, you must first create an account with them. This takes all of two minutes and is a very simple process. They require a very small amount of personal information to establish trust. There is no requirement for a credit card in case you wish to be cautious. The main information required is your shipping login credentials. This enables the site to track your shipments and develop a comprehensive shipping audit for you. The final result is that and shipments that are eligible for refund will be reported to you.

Once the site has identified the shipments eligible for refund, it does not stop there. They will also file the refund claim for you. This saves you a good amount of time and effort. It also saves you the tension of keeping track of your shipments. In addition, they also scan your account for unused shipping labels. A few carrier bill customers do that to increase your costs despite the fact that those are never shipped. All refund credits are delivered to you as they are.

To help you get a better overview, there are Weekly Reports that show the number of packages that were delivered late, the reasons for each. Further, they also show the claims filed and the responses from UPS or FedEx for each claim. This way, all the work is taken care of for you. All refunds are sent directly to you either to your credit card or added to your next bill at UPS or FedEx as credit. Once this credit amount is verified by Share a Refund, it records the value for it and splits up the amount with you in a 50-50 proportion. It’s a win-win for you at the end of the day.

Good: Easy to register and use

Bad: None

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