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If document sharing through Smartphone is what bothers you, then you have the right solution on iTunes. WiFly Pro is an application squeezed in the iTunes store from where it can be found and bought by the users. It is actually a beneficial unclouded service which lets you share and transfer the desired documents and other files between computer and mobile devices through a wireless network.

WiFly Pro is a simple application and easy to control which makes it very much user friendly. If you were looking for something that connects your PC and iOS device, then this one does that. This particular application lets you to access the pc through your iOS device and each type of files is accessible with this application. Moreover, there is no need to have any cloud service or internet connection to handle this application. If you want to do some modifications to the songs or wallpapers in your mobile devices you can transfer them by WiFly Pro to the pc and edit them as your requirements. It is a both sided communication.


  • The transferred files can be accessed with any application on your iOS device.
  • Supporting devices include Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc.
  • The device can be connected with the pc or MAC by scanning a QR code.
  • Severe problems like right clicking and selecting files or the uses of the download manager can be avoided by this particular application introduced by Online Publishing Partners Limited Liability Company.
  • The transfer is much safe and done with an ease for the users.
  • Simply scans QR code from to connect the phone.
  • The preview of the wallpapers and the clicked pictures are available in the browser.
  • The entire folder can be downloaded to your computer.
  • The problems of connecting the USB cables in between the computer and your phone is now have been solved because this application provides you the smooth service to transfer the files wirelessly.
  • Multiple uploads and numerous files can be easily dragged and dropped to WiFly.
  • You require a LAN or WLAN access on both the device that you are going to connect with the app.
  • It is a newly launched application with the version 1.0 dated 29th May, 2013.
  • The app requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Summary: WiFly Pro is an elegant application designed with some extraordinary features as well as new interface. The extension of the benefits of this app now touched the flight of the clouds even without the Cloud service and internet feature which makes it delicate to the users.

Good: This application is proficient with any kind off iOS devices which is really good and it has achieved much of its supports. It has got some great ratings from the users and nice reviews about it. As a newly launched application we can mark this as excellent one and hope this can serve very well to the users.

Bad: Except a few criticisms on its privacy policy and security it has not much negative feedback.

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