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Advancements made in the mobile technology with the invention of smart phones have revolutionized the way in which we take and share pictures. High quality cameras with astounding resolution ratios along with high tech features has made these mobile devices a more preferable option among the consumers when compared to the purchase of digital cameras. This is mainly because of the convenience, size, and quality of the pictures produced by these mobile devices. While taking pictures is one job, uploading them on to your devices and sharing it with your friends is a whole new story. People have not got used to taking multiple pictures. Thanks to the invention of memory cards and digital devices, which has reduced the cost of taking pictures to a great extent. Sharing pictures can be done in a stress-free way using the Group Slide Show App for the Android. Users can also share their pictures with other non-android users and literally everyone by accessing their website This interesting app has been designed and launched by GSoft LLC and is listed under Media and Video Category in the Google Play Store. The app is compatible with Android versions 2.2 or above.


The app allows the host or the user to share their pictures with friends and relatives in real-time. Users can also share their pictures with other guests and even non–android users by logging into the website Now, these guests can view shared pictures and experience the fun and enjoyment by viewing pictures in their own mobile devices using standard browser options. Group Slide Show app thus avoids the need of peeping over other shoulders to catch a glance of the fun and enjoyment. The users can select the pictures which they want to share with their guests, family and friends and can also decide the order in which the pictures will appear in the slide show. Pictures can be easily shared over the Internet and Wi-Fi. The app does not require the guests to be in the same network to view the pictures. Group Slide Show App thus helps the users to share the most precious moments of their life in a hassle-free manner.

ü Display and view pictures in real-time; just click the pictures which you want to share and your guests will see it.

ü The app allows the users to deny access to particular guests and select only the people they want to share pictures with.

ü Access pictures from any corner of the world. Pictures are shared over the internet and not over any restricted network that requires special access and permissions.

ü Users can access the website for free either by creating an account. Users can also use the app without registration as an anonymous user.


Group Slide Show App provides an easy platform to share pictures to anyone and at any time. The app is available for free and can be easily downloaded from Google play Store.

Good – App design

Bad – None

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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