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Now, there is something new for the gamers in the wallet of iTunes; the classic comic inspired puzzle-action gamingapp Shark Greedy is out on its page. This time-limited free downloadable game was awaited for sometime and now finally it is there to make the gamers glued with their iPhone or iPad. This unique app is developed by Zhao Sheng and has been updated recently to its 1.0.1 version. This puzzle game makes the players move their fingers as first as their brains. Facing the challenges and getting through the levels of the game is not only interesting but a lot exiting.

The backdrop of the game revolves around the spaceship Shark Greedy who suddenly discovers the Yummy Galaxy populated with Saturn of Cheese, Mars of Chocolates and so on. Asteroids and rocks are the only obstacles in Greedy’spath; they keep coming in between greedy and all the yummy items for dinner. The aim of the gamer is to save greedy from these rocks and asteroids while helping him to get his dinner. This space travelling shark is a total new concept in the gaming world and users can spend hours playing the game without any boredom. Each level of the game is unique and poses different types of challenges in front of the players. The game is designed in a fashion so that the levels do not become predictable, and every level can be as exciting as the first one. The creators of the game have successfully designed the application to make users involved with the game to a hire degree with every increasing level.

In the iTunes store the game has been rated 4+ which is enough to vow for its high quality and the abundant excitement it offers. This game can be a favourite of any one in love with strategy games. In the short time from its launch the game has gained much popularity within its users. The first steps of the game might appear a bit tough at the beginning, but the interest keeps on increasing with every new step.


  • The game comes in English as well as in Chinese.
  • The graphic of the game is simple, yet of high quality and has similarity with the classic comic style.
  • It needs high co-ordination between the brain and hand of the player.
  • For now the game has 160 stages. New stages are expected to get added soon.
  • The game also offers an endless mode for an endless gaming experience.
  • The gameplay is unique and can be a great way to enjoy time.
  • After the first update on May 24th the present running version of the game is 1.0.1.
  • The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • The game can be played on any device running iOS operating system version 4.3 or later.
  • This app is specially optimised to play on iPhone 5.
  • The latest version of the game takes 89.4 MB of space on the memory chip.

Summary: Shark Greedy, a beautifully designed latest puzzle game for iOS devices is now in iTunes store.

Good: For now the game is downloadable for free from iTunes, and the small bugs have already been fixed.

Bad: There is no negative report from the users so far.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application



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