Sharpen Puzzle Solving Skills With the MonkeyOpopLite App

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A puzzle game with a tint of adventure always makes people interested. The monkeyOpopLite app for ipad is first and foremost a game app that makes heroes out of gamers. The game begins with the abduction of an entire monkey tribe by an evil monkey, Lord Kong. They are held captive in Kong Island. As the sole free monkey, the gamer has to fight the Kong’s guards and outsmart traps to save his family and friends locked up in Kong Castle dungeons.

The app comes with ample contraptions to keep the gamer hooked up to the last minute. There are many levels, each with increasing difficulty that challenges gamers.


  • The monkeyOpopLite app is compatible with ipad and comes with high definition graphic interface and is sold by Zilliar Inc.
  • The app, version 1.0 requires iOS 5.0 or higher.
  • The monkeyOpopLite app has two game modes – Play Mode and Story Mode. The Play mode progresses in Levels and there are 27 levels, each with a more intense degree of difficulty. The Story mode does not have levels but is at some places more interesting than the play mode.
  • Some of the levels are unlocked for the gamer to begin and familiarize with the setting. The other levels are unlocked as the game progresses.
  • There is a Pop mode in the game which allows gamers to capture as many monkeys as possible to set a high score.
  • The app is available in English and occupies 49.2 MB of space.
  • The game is puzzle driven and often the gamer has to spend some time outside the maze to come up with solutions. This is also important since there is no strategy map or hints included for the gamer.
  • There is no way to escape to higher or different levels so players have to focus on each level and puzzle to solve it and go to the next one. At the same time there are the Kong’s men who try to fight off the player and have to be overpowered or sneaked around.
  • It is a single player mode game and is ideal for those who like to solve puzzles alone. The game is also ideal as a short trip companion.
  • The monkeyOpopLite app is integrated with social media and so gamers can brag about their scores on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • It is free to download and has exciting graphics display and a matching rhythmic music which is a good addition to any gameplay.

Summary: The monkeyOpopLite app is ideal for ipad and is suitable for all gamers aged 4 and up. The game is challenging and scores high on its interface, display and entertainment quotient. It is a fun game and users can get quickly hooked on the numerous puzzles it comes with.

Good: The game app is simple and free. It is ideal for both young and adult players who like to have a good game going while on the go.

Bad: The only complaint is that the app is too slow at places and the story progresses slower than expected.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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