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While the idea of running a business might seem easy, the actual thing is not. Just keeping track of the business side of a business is a hectic task. Right from logging time to tracking projects to responding to customers to sending out invoices and more is a stressful task. In the midst of all this, focusing on the strengths of the business might seem a daunting task. This is where SherpaDesk comes into the picture. It is software that helps businesses focus on their strengths by helping them handle the other details with ease. It is essentially a business management tool that saves you the time spent in carrying out mundane yet important tasks involved in every business.

SherpaDesk basically provides a tool that gives you everything you would need to manage a business in the form of a single package. It combines the functionality of a help desk and an accounting system into a single customer management tool. One that is very easy to use. It has tools for customer support, billing and time tracking- all in one software. There is also a mobile app available for the sake of convenience.

The first solution provided by the app is the ticket management system. This enables you to receive client requests, route them and respond to them. The forms are all very dynamic, allowing you to ask specific questions. This enables you to gather the right kind of information related to user needs and requests. Tickets can be sent by customers through the mobile app, the custom web portal or via email. The system is very simple to use on the part of the customer as well as the business management.

The next special feature is a set of project management tools that help you plan for big successes. You can start a project internally for your team or create one for your clients. With the help of tools, you can estimate the costs involved and the time and effort required for the completion of the project. You can assign ToDo items and tickets to projects in order to keep a good tab on how much of the total work is completed and how much is left. Once the project is completed, you can use the results of the time trackers to check how well you matched the initial estimates.

The tool also comes with an Asset Manager. This allows you to maintain an account of all the clients’ assets and all your internal hardware. You can also keep a track of each and report on the asset profile from time to time. The end goal is to allow you to keep an audit of the life cycle of each asset.

The pricing of the SherpaDesk tool is very reasonable too. To get started, you have to create an account with them. The first user for each account is free. No credit card is required during sign up. If you like the tool and would like to use it further, there is plan for $39 per month. This allows unlimited projects, customers, invoicing, asset tracking and all the features provided by the tool.

Good: Reasonable pricing

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App


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