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The site makes it very easy and enjoyable to recruit the help of locals when traveling anywhere. The site has features to help people in finding the best travel guide and regarded as the marketplace which offers a service where travelers and locals can make deals in guiding.

The site has good reputation of serving with many savors. They are the site which brings to mind the age-old trust that you can never over come the local knowledge. By this site, the people who are traveling through any part of the globe would be able to connect with local residents. They both will benefit from the cultural exchange.

It is the best places to visit, and quite effective. The traveler would get to know more about the place he is visiting from a source that could be effective. The local will be greatly enriched from the contact with someone from a foreign culture.

It has list of activities made up of six different options namely Arts & History, Nature & Adventure, Outdoor Activities, Food & Wine, Nightlife & Entertainment and Explore Neighborhood. It is said that they have main activities where any traveler would feel inclined to become involved in at one point or other of its stay anywhere.

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