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E-commerce has really seen a big boost in the last decade. Initially, there was trust issue and people were confused whether to buy products online or not. That’s because they were not sure about the products and the service of the stores. But last year when Amazon was voted the most trusted company in US, we can smell that the trend is changing. So if you want to set up your own online store, the first question arises: where to start from? There are many online stores already in the market and building one that’s unique and attractive to customers can be quite expensive. I know there’s no short-cut to success. But there’s always a smarter way possible!

I am talking about the web app Shopio ( which enables you to design and open your online store in a few seconds and I mean it. You just have to enter your details and you’re ready to design your store your own way. There are many themes to choose from and each theme has multiple settings to make sure that your store doesn’t match any of the other users. You can add your own logo and use colours of your own choice. If there’s any signature style of your brand, you can replicate it in the themes and keep it original. You can even use your own domain. There is also provision for custom email templates. It’s known that emails are very vital in marketing and they must be designed in the same way to leave an impact. You can use the available templates or create a new one.

Adding a product is super-easy. Just tap the + button at the top of the dashboard and a menu will appear. There you can add details regarding the product such as title, URL, images, description, quantity, etc. When a person is buying online, there’s no actual product in front of him to confirm his requirements. So you must provide him/her with as much details as possible. Your store can be multi-branded as you can add any number of brands. To facilitate your customers, all the major payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Brainfree, etc are available and it’s quite easy to search products of different brands sorted out by categories.

I really liked the integration of social media with the store. Not only you can use your store’s pages on Facebook/Twitter to promote your website, you can also run your own blog on the website. This allows many different customers of yours to interact with each other and share the experiences. It’s a good source to receive original feedback and helps you to improve any feature/product.

Shopio has everything for a good businessman. Even a toddler can operate as an admin of the website; it’s that simple to use. The UI is neat, clean and elegant as well. There are options for marketing, SEO and analysis over best selling products or different orders.

With Shopio, you can continue using it for free but obviously there are some limited features. If you want to use it full, the paid plans start from $29.95/month and go up to $199.95. So you have a lot of choices. The cake has already been cut. It’s only up to you when you pick up your piece.

Pros: intuitive UI; all major payment gateways available; social media integration; custom themes and emails; free plan available.

Cons: none.

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