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Are you one of those shoppers with key chains that are full of loyalty cards? Perhaps it might be getting hard for you to manage your loyalty and gift cards and much harder to browse through your email account to locate particular coupons. Such struggle is no more since there is new application that can help you with all these. It is the Shoply iPhone app. Businesses experts have defined the new app as one’s personal shopping assistant since it will assist you with your shopping. The application has the ability to optimize and organize all your loyalty cards, personal coupons and gift cards. In addition, it also organizes any other curated deal that you might have.

The new application that is compatible with Smart phones is a perfect description of a magical shopping genie. The Shoply app can detect user’s style and preference. Using a number of basis information about the user related to shopping, the application can track one’s in-app behavior to deliver coupons that are personalized on basis of your style and preference. There are over 200 retailers all over from which Shoply app can source for coupons. Some of these retailers include Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, IKEA, and Best Buy among others.

The app’s curators get coupons that are related to office supply stores, beauty retailers, fashion and health. As such, they ensure that they match their coupons with what you have preference in. For this reason, you do not have to worry about insignificant coupons on your iPhone. Presently, Shoply app sources deals and coupons from online stores as well as in-stores. However, according to the trends, the app targets to collaborate with more retailers for exclusive deals. Along with handpicking deals through the help of its curators, Shoply app will host weakly circulars from different retailers.

The content from the retailers and curators is merged to offer the best deals to the app users. In addition, its ability for users to store gift card numbers and loyalty card numbers inside the app adds on to the excellent shopping experience. With the Shoply mobile app, shoppers are relived the task of carrying paper coupons everywhere. This shopping application contains an all-in-one Smartphone checkout pouch that allows a shopper to access all his or her coupons, gift cards and retail cards from one point. For this reason, redeeming such coupons becomes very easy. Moreover, there are incentives that come with the new Shoply app. Once you use the application, you earn points, which you can redeem for e-gift cards.

Evidently, Shoply mobile app has come to change and improve the shopping experience of many people. Shopping has been made easy with Shoply iPhone app; shoppers can get what they want easily along with making use of the available benefits that come with use of the application. For this reason, it is evident that the Shoply mobile application is an advantage to shoppers since it helps to cut the clutter out perceptive savings. Get you Shoply today and you will not have to forget about a retail coupon or a gift card.

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