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Cart2Cart is an online migration service for shopping carts; this service helps the customers to simplify their migration process when they want to move from a particular shopping cart to another. Migrating from one shopping cart to another is a very complex, labor intensive and a time consuming process when there are hundreds of products in your list. Cart2Cart is an online service which helps the customers to migrate their products, manufacturers, order history, product categories, images and other attributes from an online store. Cart2Cart supports a number of leading carts such as Magneto, CS Cart, Presta shop, Open Cart, Cube Cart and many more. Cart2Cart ensures that there is no data loss and securely transports the data from your shopping cart to the target destination.

Features and benefits

The customer has to initially register with this website by filling in some basic details. The users can try and test the free demo version that is offered in the website. In order to transfer the contents of your shopping cart from one destination to another, the user has to first select the Source Cart type and it’s URL. In the next step, they must mention the Target Cart type and its URL information. The customers will then have to select the entries which they need to migrate to the target shopping cart; the customers can also select the upgrade options that are available for their cart. In the next step, the website will allow you to match the currency options of the Source Cart type which will be followed by the demo where they will first migrate 10 items. The above demo migration gives the user an opportunity to test the migration; the users can skip this step if they want to the real migration.

Cart2Cart is a user friendly Automated Shopping cart migration process. The migration cost will depend upon the number of products, product categories, customers and the number of orders you have in your database. The Migrator Estimator in the website will help the customers to get the exact estimate of their migration costs. The website gives the user with the amount of information that is required for them and doesn’t overload the customers with excess information which is difficult for them to process. This migration process done by the Cart2Cart is very fast, secure and accurate in all aspects. The advantage of using an online service for migration is that it helps the customers to save time, avoid errors and also save huge amounts of money. The website also offers excellent customer service, they also respond to the customer queries in a prompt and timely manner. They also fix any issues which occur during your migration process.

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Cart2Cart is the perfect solution for the users who are interested in switching to a different shopping cart for a better and improved performance. This is a very convenient option for those who own multiple online stores. The services offered by Cart2Cart are very accurate and carried out in a short span of time for a very reasonable price.

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