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It has happened time and again that you are in a good mood of chatting, and the one you chose to chat with is not in a good mood. As you cannot see the face of the person while chatting online, this can end up in an unwanted quarrel and your silly jokes may end up hurting someone. The same can happen to you too when you are sad and someone is joking with you in the topic that made you sad. MeeYu has brought a solution to this problem by awarding you an app that will not only help you showcase your mood to your friends but will also show their mood in the form of emoticons.

MeeYu (Paid – Banner Free) is a paid app for iTunes users with lots of features. The major 8 moods are captured in the form of emoticons and you can add the reason for the mood you select. The app is cool enough to help you understand the moods of your friends and deal with them accordingly. You can also set message with the same. Apart from the emoticons option, the app comes with real time chat option where you can chat directly with friends. The app operates through friend request just like other social apps. You can add or delete a friend or send an invite to your friends.


  • The app, MeeYu provides you an opportunity to share your mood with your friends and family.
  • There are eight moods to choose from in this app. The moods are happy, love, sad, envy, shock, fear, anger and hate. If you are not feeling anything at all, you can choose nothing.
  • You need to go to edit my status and choose the emoticon according to your mood. There is a space provided just below the moods. Enter your message that will be displayed with the mood.
  • The bar in the bottom of the screen will have options such as my status, friends, add friends, chats and setting.
  • When you click on the friends section, it will show what your friends have chosen for their status.
  • You have the option to show your state of mind on Facebook as Facebook sharing is available with the app. However, Facebook integration is optional.
  • You can check mood history for a specific friend.
  • The display of the app is quite cool.
  • You can categorize your friends and family in the app and sharing moods will be easy in that case.
  • The app version 1.2 is more stable and it requires around 10.4 MB space on your device.
  • The app costs $0.99 and it is compatible to iOS 4.3 or later.

Summary: MeeYu (Paid – Banner Free) is a unique app on iTunes that is available for all the compatible devices and can show your emotions in the best possible manner so that your friends get an idea of your mood before they start a chat.

Good: The display is cool enough and the integration with Facebook option makes the app a complete one.

Bad: It is a simple app with limited features but nothing bad is reported.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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