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Shrick is one of the best social networks that you can easily unite and join other sporting riders as well as fans to enjoy an extreme lifestyle and moments. The social network allows you to interact with your friends where you can share you own tricks. It also enables you to engage in a variety of competitions that is availed by the leader board system thus ensuring that you are happy and enjoy having the app. The nature of the app involves the spreading of popularity elements such as new videos and pictures that will keep your account full followers thus showing that you are a pro-rider. In this respect, Shrick has proven that it is one of the best ways that you share your own tricks with the entire community situated in various parts of the globe.

Another key feature of Shrick is that it has quite a number of disciplines which can go up to 18 or even more that you will have to choose from. This keeps the app at the top sporting app since it caters for many individuals’ interests. Ensure that you earn as many as possible points through any post so that it will enable you to challenge well your friends and other pro-riders to become a hero at the leader boards. For those who would wish be included in the biggest social event among the best actions sports in the globe, here is the place. Below are some other amazing features of Shrick that will ensure that you have the best sporting experience and lifestyle.

  • Ability to Challenge the world.

One of the amazing features of Shrick is that it enables you to participate in quite a number of competitions. You will have to compete with a many riders and even your own friends across various parts of the world where you will have to ensure that you emerge victorious. This will be achieved if you are conversant with some important tricks that lie behind winning. You can also monitor your own performance after you have been ranked in your own city or countrywide after each and every competition.

  • Perfection.

Shrick will need much of your perfection and quality in any content that you post in it, which includes videos and photos. Make sure that these elements are very unique by using very powerful editing tools such as fish eye or even slow motion. You can also use other techniques that will ensure that your videos and photos are clear to be attractive to anyone.

  • Venture in your dream.

Different from other social networks, Shrick allows you to subscribe to anyone especially to your own favorite pro-riders. You can simply watch them as they participate in various challenging competitions that will see them win and emerge victorious.

  • Setting the Big Picture.

If you thought Shrick is only about tricks, then you are wrong. The app allows you to know some preventable failures when you get to see other riders fail. You can also see what type of gears you friends and then share your own lifestyle in sports.

Download Shrick in your iPhone today and get to enjoy these tremendous features that are user-friendly to keep you in the best sporting lifestyle ever.


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