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Shryne is an app supported by iphones and ipads that enables you to store all texts, Facebook photo, and tweet or send an email. This app enables you to store all interactions you made with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend into one content that you can scroll using your device. Shryne app helps you in dealing with the instant pain of divorce/breakup due to its freezing feature that conceals every interaction made by you for some time.

Why was the Shryne app designed?
Many partners who have had a breakup hate meeting with their couples after divorcing with them. But Shryne will help you deal with breakup pains and emotions by designing an online scrapbook of all your thoughts. This app enables you to preserve your thoughts with comfort till you will be prepared to recall them once again. To assist you in preventing the instant pain of a breakup, this app is equipped with a freezing feature that conceals most of your interactions for a period of over year, or until you are prepared to meet them after a long time.

How it works:
This app eases break ups by blocking your chat history until you are prepared to recall. By synchronizing information from all the social Medias, Shryne lets you understand how you recall the people you loved. Apart from broken up relationships, the app can also be applied by relatives, friends or anybody close to you even if you haven’t broken up with them but only want to store memories in one place.
For it to work, you are required to connect all your social media databases, gallery and any other information that you like to add, this means that the app will take you some time to link with other media before you start using.

Other uses:
As this app enables you to connect with family members or housemates, they will ensure that the dog is well fed but it isn’t given a lot of food. The app has a task manager known as “Dog Sync” that is purposed for dogs only, this makes it easy when roaming, feeding and also makes toilet practices for the dog in good conditions. The app enables users to create a time stamped task process note to a linked data in social media that anybody who is willing to care the dog can see.

Purchasing/downloading the app:
This app is free to purchase and is available on the iOS App Store.

1. Initiates privacy of data from us and other parties.
2. Better storage for all your information.
3. It has a strong encryption.
4. Stores information for longer time.

1. Only supported by iphones and ipads.
2. Can drain your battery if improvements are not made.
3. Dependence on social media data may limit its use.

Final verdict:
Shyrne gives you a better approach when preventing or reducing the pain of a broken relationship. It has a feature that signals your friends if you try to make a call to your ex, or even pities you on social media if you keep on trying. It also deletes any information tagging your ex on your Facebook account. The app works best by enabling you erase all the memories and painful emotions after a break up.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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