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When was the last time you’ve had problems whenever you want someone to sign a contract? If your fax, printer or scanner breaks down, there is little you can do unless you use SignSquid. SignSquid is an affordable service used to make your life simple and making it able for you or your client to sign contracts on the web, without any faxing, printing or scanning. The process is as simple as uploading your document safely through their application and inviting the people of interest to sign it. You will obtain a signed PDF for your records and everyone will be happy that they don’t have to go through too much work or hassles.

Creating your contract is as easy as uploading your PDF document and naming it along with a signing deadline. Your clients will automatically receive an email with an unique link that will lead them into the SignSquid website, where you just uploaded your PDF contract. To make sure that nobody gets in the way for people to sign any kind of contract, SignSquid makes sure that the right people get the sign codes which are generated by the website. All you need to do is call your client, tell them the code and they can see the contract in full before they actually sign it with the desired code that SignSquid generates for you. Signatories will never have to make an account or provide their details on Signsquid, all they need to do is enter the code you will give them in order to sign it. Documents signed through signsquid are 100% legally valid, so you won’t have to worry about repercussions later on.

You might be asking yourself what would happen if you would need a legal guarantee someday. Well, Signsquid will actually step in to prove signature validity through their platform and they will even provide every legal fee incurred. What better way to start recycling paper? Have you ever asked yourself how many trees would be saved a year with just your diligence? Signsquid is absolutely paper free and will provide a cleaner earth for all human beings as well as animals.

If you want to make sure that this is what you need in order to sign contracts electronically, just use their free trial offer, which requires no credit card or additional information. With the free trial, there are no restrictions or limits to what you can do with Signsquid. If your trial ends, you will not lose your current contracts, the only thing you cannot do is make new contracts for signatories to sign. Contracts will remain safe and sound within the server for three years. They can last longer than that, but you would have to contact the people at Signsquid to do so. Once the documents are signed and ready to go, that document cannot or will not be modified in any way for obvious reasons.

Forget about word agreements when it comes to work, rent or any other reason to have a contract. The best thing to do in this economy is to have a contract just in case, and with Signsquid offering each contract for less than one dollar, there is a lot to gain once you start making contracts. The pricing for this application is very cheap, only nine dollars a month for ten contracts! Each contract will end up costing about ninety cents, you will definitely save up on paper and save the environment in the process. The website is also available in French and signing up takes less than a minute.

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