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Today, it is all about staying connected with people you care and the people you want to share your precious moments with. There are numerous social apps available for iPhone users and many of them provides option to call, chat, voice call and send messages without spending any money. However, the process can take some time as you may be lost in the jungle of options. There are lots of selections to do while calling someone. With One Touch Dial, this is not going to happen any more for the app presents you with several options on a single screen making it easy to choose the way to call, text, or chat with the people in your contact. It is simply one touch, and your call is on its way.

One Touch Dial, presented by Matixsoft Inc is a paid app on iTunes where you can select speed dial option with T9 typing provision. This means searching contacts is now easier than ever and it can be done just by entering a part of the name. You can choose up to 5 ways to contact for a single person. It can be iMessage, Skype, twitter, Facebook connect, mail, and many such things. T9 combined dialer is a new thing added to this app and this makes it even more interesting.


  • The app provides you option to add 5 connecting option for a single contact. These options can range from messaging, emailing to chatting and calling.
  • It is possible to call, Instagram, iMessage, twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, skype, Smart dial and input URL with the app.
  • The app provides the user the convenience of creating up to 15 one touch dial icons in every screen.
  • You can choose a photo for the One Touch Dial screen for the specific user and it would be displayed every time you open the link.
  • T9 dialing is incorporated in the app which allows the user to search quite easily. You can message with the T9 mode and search the contact book with a part of the name.
  • Unlimited number of contacts can be taken within the app and you can create unlimited number of one touch icons.
  • The speed dial icons are customizable and you can choose from a list of available options on your phone.
  • With the T9 option, you can also check the recent call history, quite easily.
  • You can always change the background color.
  • The version 3.0 of the app is available for $1.99.
  • The app takes only 5.9 MB space on your device and it is compatible to iOS 6.0 or later. It is available both for iPad and iPhone.

Summary: One Touch Dial is an acclaimed app on iTunes which provides you option to call your contacts and message them with a single touch. You can customize the contact options for unlimited number of contacts, without any hassle.

Good: The app is not complicated at all and the T9 option makes it quite fast.

Bad: There has not been any negative report for this app.

Worth Having Application : Download the App



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