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The age of text messaging has now passed. It is being replaced by instant messaging (IM) very rapidly owing to its speed and convenience. However, the security of instant messaging is still under question. Unless necessary precautions are taken, your private and personal data may be vulnerable. A reliable solution has been provided by SJ Software Development Group for all IM apps in the form of the SJ im Android app.

While the main concern for message encryption is in the corporate world, individuals also can benefit immensely from this app. Privacy is a growing concern today and this app protects your chats from all except the intended recipient. If you are scared of anyone getting their hands on your phone and checking your chat logs, you no longer have to worry with this app. It encrypts all of your chat logs for you so that you alone can access them.

The basic concept of SJ is quite simple. Most IM clients today make use of the XMPP or ICQ protocol. Thence, it is on these that SJ has been built. This app is meant for the general masses in the true sense. You are not required to have any technical knowledge as the app does not require an initial configuration. Once the app has been installed, all your messages are sent anonymously. Unlike other message encryption apps, you do not have to put in any additional effort.

SJ earns itself an edge over other apps in its niche through its set of features. While it uses the highest levels for encryption, it also can protect more besides your messages. It ensures PGP keys upto 4096 bytes to assure best confidentiality to all its users. The app uses the OpenPGP algorithm which allows you to build your own keys and then import them or simply let the app generate keys for you.

Important data can be safely transferred with this app too. Any files you transfer are locked and then sent through IM pathways. Your files are password protected before they are sent across. The PGP key pairs can also be used for importing or exporting contact lists. Even social media like Facebook messenger are kept anonymous. None of your messages can be tracked back to you anymore.

SJ also support off the record chat, multiple profiles, file sharing and p2p encryption for third party services. The Android app uses a very neat and intuitive interface that is extremely straightforward. Its simplicity is quite striking actually. It is fully compatible with Google Talk and all other jabber clients.

The Screen Saver utility is another key feature of the app. It protects your desktop by enabling you to switch on the screen saver using hot keys and also allowing you to shut down your system in the case of an emergency. You can activate or deactivate the utility as required. The app requires you have to at least one Jabber account.

SJ combines the power of open source and modern programming to give you the best standards in security. It is meant for those who are not concerned with the details of encryption but require an app that implements the same intuitively. It provides a whole new layer of security to your confidential data without causing you much trouble.


Good: Simple to use, screen saver utility

Bad: Requires the users to have at least one Jabber account

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