Slam Dunk BasketBall 2 – Shooting Stars From a Distance

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Who doesn’t like playing games on mobile phones? But no matter how much interest the users show, there is still lack of proper gaming experience in the mobile world. I mean you can never have the same experience as a play station offers you. Though there have been games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers or Angry Birds that have crossed the bridge, but the Sports category is still untouched. There are hardly any Sport-based games that you’ll find on Android. Mostly because of the small screen of the devices and big companies don’t see the same scope for games in mobile phones as they see for laptops and play stations. But today we have one such Sports game that will blow you away. However, calling it a sport game isn’t strictly true; but for the better half of it is. So are you ready to try this one!

Slam Dunk Basketball 2 is the second installation of Slam Dunk Basketball which was very successful and prompted the developers to create another one. This time they have come up with more interesting features and many improvements. The app is compatible with Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.

As per the previous rules, you have to shoot different types of shots. At each level, you have to complete those shots and without getting them in the basket, you can’t go to the next level. But the problem is the ticking timer that gives you 90 seconds to show your skill and speed. As this is a multiplayer game, only scoring all the different shots doesn’t matter that much. You have to make sure that you get enough points on board to beat the other guy. So while the trajectory will help you bag each shot, it’s the practice that’ll keep track of how quick you are.

The graphics in this installation are a delight to watch. They are crisp, sharp, and crystal clear and there’s a slight edgy taste that adds that extra “field” feel. So while you’d not be playing on the field, it’ll feel like you are.

There are two types of challenges you can get into. One is head to head in which you challenge any other player and only you two are involved. The other one is the tournament where a total of 8 players sign in and only one emerges out as the winner. Remember, to enter these competitions you need coins and if you lose, you’ll lose all the money you’ve put in. However, if you manage to pull the trigger, you’ll get the money of all the challengers.

What else you can do with these coins is buy different types of balls, open up new courts, etc. however, it’s not as easy as it seems. You’ll have to work more than an actual basketball player to even continue playing and losing first 3-4 matches are enough to leave you with the only option of in-app purchases. So you better stay alert from the start and practice enough before challenging someone.

The app is free by the way. So you can just put your sports shoes on and start practicing now!

Pros: beautiful graphics; multiplayer; lots of balls and courts to unlock; free.

Cons: your career heavily depends upon in-app purchases.



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