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Slotpark, an iOS app, is here to take the world of casino apps by storm. This one has been specially designed for lovers of slot machines. To add to the fun, it creates an atmosphere that is exactly like those of the electronic slot machines seen at real casinos in Las Vegas. Everything from the graphics to the background sounds to the recordings of the dealer’s voice adds to the realistic feel, transporting you to Vegas as and when you like.

Slotpark is an iOS app that is a multi-casino slot simulation designed to feel like a real casino. It comes with 12 different types of slot machines and more slots are added regularly , each unique and exciting in their own way. There is a huge variety of digital slot games to enjoy- coupled with multi-line betting, social media bonuses and welcome bonuses. It has been designed such that it is easy to play and anyone can play it.

Before you begin playing the game, let me give you a brief warning- This game is highly addictive. While it does not require you to invest any real money into the game, once you do begin gambling with the chips, it won’t be long before you can no longer stop. It takes all of a few hours ot get addicted to this game. Once you are addicted, there is no going back. No other app offers such a realistic and fun experience either.

Slotpark is completely free. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. All you need is an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone with iOS 8.0 or later versions. When you install the game and open it, you will be greeted by the title page. You are rewarded a welcome bonus of 10,000 free coins just for joining. This gives you a sneak peek into the rewards and bonuses that await you during the course of the game. There is a free coins bonus every 4 hours as well in case you are running out of money. In addition, you get a bonus for connecting via social media too.

The home page has a menu where you pick a game of your choice to play. Once you select a game, you then select the amount you would like to bet for,you can’t select the number of lines, you just can change the bet. There is also an ‘automatic play’ option that continues to play for you without you having to choose things. There is a multiplication system that allows players to earn bonuses for levels and also gain levels.

While Slotpark is a free game, there are a number of subscriptions and in-app purchases for those who are unable to stop playing. If you wish to spend some real money, you could do so with the in-app purchases. The purchases get started with $1.99 for 41,000 chips and go up to 4,100,000 chips for $99.99. The awesome part is that each purchase comes with a 100% bonus that effectively doubles the number of chips for you.

Good: Variety of slots

Bad: Highly addictive

 Worth Having App – Download the App


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