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Slyon Street Tuner is the perfect game for you, if you are a hardcore racing game addict. It gives your IOS device a good and real-time racing experience. If you have ever played 3D racing games in PC, this game will replace you PC with IOS device with its 3D effects. Most important thing is the quality of the game and Slyon Studios gives you this best 3D gaming experience for free of cost. This game has been updated regularly with variety of options which gives you lot of fun. This game works well on IOS 4.0 & above and it supports IOS devices iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod touch (3rd & 4th gen) & iPad.

This game gives a variety of options to customize your car. You can even change your car from a default set of twenty cars like GA SEDAN, BC COUPE, YL SPORT, etc. It has a very simple and smooth controls & it’s easy to play. In the home screen of the game it has different menus like Race, Garage, Service, Openfeint, Options on the left side. Whereas On the right side it shows the car you have selected and the points you have earned. Tapping on the Race menu will give you various racing options like Quick Race, Race C, Race B, Race A and Race Pro. Quick race option will directly take you to the race with the default car.

Quick race is the place where you can earn lot of points and you can invest those points in re-customizing your vehicle. The Controls are designed in a way to make anyone understand easily. It has an accelerator pedal/gas pedal on the left hand side which will give you acceleration when you are in race. It has a Gear Shift on the right hand side which will boost your speed when gears are increased. Only the perfect shift and perfect gear will let you win the game. Race C is a fast Front Wheel Drive race, Race B is the Back Wheel Drive race, Race A is the All-Wheel Drive race, Race Pro is a profession race with high complexities. For entering into any race you need to pay some game points as fees.

In order to become more successful in these races, Slyon offers various car customization features. Inside the Garage menu you will have option to select or buy the vehicles you want either by spending some game points or by using in app store. For every race type (Front wheel drive, Rear wheel drive, All-wheel drive) you will have different varieties of cars and you can use that particular car in that particular race type only. Say for example if you buy a car of type FWD then it can be used only in Race C. After buying a car you can upgrade the car by boosting up engine by buying some parts like camshafts, pistons, Throttle body, Turbo & Valves. You can Train your car for a particular type of race in drivetrain menu.

The Performance of the car can be well improved by using the exaust, thermal gaskets, intakes, manifolds, weight reduction options. You can boost up your car speed by buying some Nitrous. Even you have option to buy points through in-app store. In the Service menu you have option to change engine oil or gear oil or nitrous or gas. All these options will improve the car performance on the race. This game gives you a real-time and a premium car racing game experience at free of cost.

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  1. robertBo

    I can’t believe there are no reviews for this app! It is AWESOME! I’m having as much fun as the kids.


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