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Since the market analysts have realized the potential of internet in contributing to the global growth in the future, businessmen are being attracted more and more to this route. It’s easy to start up and comparatively cheaper. If you want to promote your product online, then all you need to do is just upload the video on YouTube or any other video streaming website and it’s done. You can create a separate website for this product as well and now that we have social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, you can connect with your potential customer base right from your office. No field research, no heavy investments in TV commercials. But wait! If it’s that simple for you, it’s simple for everyone and that’s where the problem arises. You’re all travelling on the same train and if you want to finish first, you’ll have to either kick everybody else out or pick another faster one. I think the latter is a better choice, right!

Well, if you think so then this new iOS app called Smart Marketers Magazine is the right choice for you. It has been developed by Vision Genesis Ltd and is compatible with iPad only. It requires iOS 5.1.1 or any later version of the OS.

Smart Marketers Magazine is a monthly magazine that brings you expert opinions and articles on different online marketing techniques and also brings you facts all decoded into one simple formula that you all can understand and apply to your individual equations. There are many attributes of internet marketing such as SEO, Social Media, digital marketing, marketing funnels, conversion optimization, etc that all contribute to the traffic you’re getting on your website or your YouTube channel or we should say, to the ‘popularity’ of your brand and products. In this magazine, there are articles written by field experts that have years of experience and guide you properly on how to use that particular tool. Remember, success is not a measure of your efforts, but how ‘smart’ they were.

Suppose you buy a book that’s been awarded as the bestseller of the year and it’s by your favourite author. But just as you open the book, the font is so small that you’ll end up with spectacles by the end of the story. So you give it a miss and there you see how important the ‘readability’ of a book is. But thankfully, Smart Marketeres Magazine scores high in this field as well. With just a swipe to turn pages and easy accessibility to your favourites, you’re not going to put this one back on the shelf. It’s got to be in your collections!

As this is a monthly magazine, you have to subscribe it. But to your joy, the first 30 days of the subscription are free and after that it’s just $8.99/month or $79.99/year. So make sure you check out this magazine today in the App Store.

Pros: high readability; swipe to turn pages; favourites; expert articles, blogs and facts; free-trial for first 30 days.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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