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Smartphone capabilities have come a long way since IBM’s Simon launched back in 1992 but searching and browsing the internet is still more a novelty than an intuitive process. Developed by Reactive Phone Solutions, the Smart Search & Web Browser app aims to change all of that.

(i) Concept

Smart Search & Web Browser gives smartphone users the ability to search, surf, bookmark, and browse all from one sleek, fast loading app.

(ii) Visuals

The clean, uncluttered interface of the app focuses on functionality and maximizing the use of available screen real estate over flashy visuals that would otherwise bog down its performance. A brief ‘how to’ tooltip appears the first time you open the app and is available should you need it again by clicking on the Settings icon and tapping the Show Hints option.

(iii) User Interface

The app’s primary purpose is to keep search and browsing under one umbrella and it accomplishes that goal beautifully. Users can easily switch between search engines with a simple swipe of the finger and the app’s home screen features quick access to a number of popular services. If privacy is important to you, the app makes it easy for you to search and browse without storing your history with its one-click incognito mode.


Other impressive features include:

· in-page search within the app similar to Chrome’s CTRL-F function on its desktop browser

· the ability to increase text size on any page inside the browser

· in-app content sharing across all major social networks and email

· easy bookmark management

· visual history list for fast access to recently visited websites

· built-in ad blocker

(iv) User Experience

With over 12,000 5-star ratings on Google Play alone, users are clearly loving Smart Search. If you are used to traditional browsers, it may take a few minutes to get used to the functionality and location of various features within the app. Organization is intuitive, however, and soon you will find yourself wondering why you ever used anything else.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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