Social Slots Casino : Authentic 3D HD Casino with a Flavor of Social Networking

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Social Slots Casino, unlike other apps, provides you with real world casinos from the US. It is a social 3D game, which boasts of being the first one to bring up the authentic Vegas style. This Android app has many games, all of which are free and come in HD. There are a total of 30 games, each of which is highly addictive and exciting. Everything from the graphics to the socializing have been done perfectly.

This app is highly social. This would translate to you not only playing yourself but also inviting your friends to play and following them via the social networks. You can even make new friends on the app itself.

The app games come with some excellent background music, which is quite helpful indeed. A few of the many slot machines might initially be locked and need you to have completed certain levels to unlock these. So, you just have to keep playing one level after another and see the slot machines unlock for you automatically. If you are a good player, then you could make it to the ranking charts and challenge others as well. The ranking is done based on country, world and a lot more.

This app is not constrained to you playing alone. You can send out friend requests, chips, gifts and messages via this app. Some of the features of this game require an internet connection in order to load though. To collect more chips, there are two ways. The first is to get more people to follow you as you win 100 chips for every ten followers. The other method is to make lots of friends as this too will earn you lots of chips. If you play for 4 hours on end, then you also get to win bonus chips. These chips can also be used alone or with your VIP card to buy yourself or friends gifts from the luxury shop of the app.

If you want to follow others, then you must create a profile for yourself, which also track your total winnings, jackpots, big wins, your followers and those you follow. You will be assigned a skill level, which you can share on Twitter and Facebook and other social media.

There is also a special and unique real-time jackpot that you could win while playing this game. Winning this is not hard at all. You just have to click on the button to spin and then keep an eye on the slots and keep your fingers crossed.

This game is for those who like being in the environment of a casino and for those who love playing the classic poker game. Even if you like to test your luck on slot machines, this app will sure entertain you all you want. There are some tiny glitches in the game here and there but the slot machines are very authentic and fun. The social aspect gives it an edge besides the many slot machines, games and bonuses. To sum it all up, it is really a lot for free.

Good: Socializing has been done very well

Bad: Requires internet for some features and has some minor glitches.

Worth Having Application – Download the application


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