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The whole world is still finding out the solution for major virus that attacks the computers. This is one of the sites where one can experience the collective approach for fighting of computer viruses. It is also one of the community site where you can join by just anybody, and through which the users all over the globe can convey others about the experiences they have had felt with this or that virus. The goal of the site is to stand as a true knowledge base make up of attributions from every corner of the universe. By doing this the web developers can have access to all the insight they could ever require to come up with apt antivirus software.

Among the several savors of this site it lets the users not only identify new viruses but one can name them. Once if you get required solutions start pouring in, then they can always vote for the ones which are more apt. By this method any user who is new to the site would be able to know how to deal with any virus that come across and give apt solution.

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