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Socialtoo can be regarded as your companion to the social Web. It will rather help you become a social power user, by assisting your social experience, offering you all the best tools you require to ameliorate the performance of your network.

They want to assist and develop the social networks you hail to a facile place to develop relationships, not just followers, and for that sake, they have built tools to create this possible. There are several savors like Auto Follow where you can assist to automatically follow those Twitter accounts that follow you, within 24 hours. In case if you have been using Twitter for a while and joined this site then you can catch up your followers for a one-time fee of only $5 and your list will be in sync.

If you are getting annoyed by all the automatic DMs generated by other services then it is possible to block them by just the check of a box. It also provides a robust set of online survey tools, where you can create and send polls to Twitter and other social networks, customizing the message.

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