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Tired of constantly playing the same game of solitaire? Why would you even download it on your phone if you have it on your computer? Well, if you haven’t learned of SoliDroid, then you haven’t seen the latest twist on an all-time favorite card game like Solitaire. Solidroid develops skill as it times you in order to earn the most points on a limited time range. Playing is simple, just join any tournament (which are free to enter) and watch the features each one contains. Downloading it on your Android device is quite simple. It is harder to search for it on the App Market with all the existing solitaire games, which means it’s better to download from the original website.

As far as gameplay goes, the loading times are pretty fast and the game runs perfect. There is a bit of waiting time sometimes when the game is calculating your scores but it’s no big deal. If you like sound on your games, there is a special sound that plays when your time is just about to run out. For every tournament, you have certain features available in order to improve your chances of winning. “Play later” means that you can save a card to use later in the game, since you don’t have a chance to go back unless you play the following card. You never know when this option can be useful, and you only get to pick one card so choose well. “Super Stax will” add a stack or more to your deck depending on the tournament and this is where you put your drawn cards. These provide more cards available to you when you’re trying to figure out which one you need.

“Bust it” guarantees a solvable deck whenever you play this application, even if you cannot solve it before time runs out. This would probably increase frustration because you know that you can solve it but you may not have enough time to do so. “Wild thang” is a card that you can only use once to add the next card to any of the columns as long as you pick it. You should use the card if you really need to, since it can end up ruining your day if you didn’t need to use it. “Re-deal” provides the option of dealing the cards once again at the beginning of the game if you don’t really like what you see. In order to claim these patent pending features, be sure to stock up on the warehouse before you start playing the tournaments.

Players using the “Same Deck” feature have the same chances of winning since they all have an identical deck. “Different Decks” would be the opposite and both of these options have their own difficulties. If you win a Same Deck tournament, then you know where you really stand compared to players around the world. SoliDroid provides local and all time scores classified by winning ratios. The bigger the winning ratio, the better you are at playing SoliDroid. What is best about this game is that there won’t be others like this one because it’s patented. So, even if this game is free, it is quite unique and fun to play, which is something that many other Solitaire games on the App Market lack. You do compete in online tournaments around the world, so take the game seriously and take advantage of all the features you can get at the warehouse. You do have the chance to win prizes if you’re one of the top scores worldwide, so try this game out because you will never know if you will be able to be at the top.

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