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A simple time management and reporting tool, Everhour, has been recently launched in the market. The tool claims to provide unique and the most simple solution to the time tracking and reporting needs of growing companies. The application can successively replace the timesheets with its great features and effectiveness. The Unique Selling Point for Everhour is the simplicity of the tool; it comes with a nicely designed interface devoid of any type of over decoration or complication. It gives a clean and professional outlook and works with the only motto to make time management and reporting least complicated.

Everhour can be perfectly used for business as well as personal needs. This web app offers a highly professional approach for time tracking; which is often missed by the automatic time tracking systems that often become demotivating for the employees. The tool was developed by Weavora, with deep expertise and experience in the ever changing IT industry, in order to come up with a simple and professional time tracking and reporting solution for their own team.


  • Everhour offers a new touch to the time management requirements of companies of different sizes as well as to the freelancers.
  • The application comes with intuitive time input feature. User need to enter the time and project data in a continuous line and “use as you type suggestions” depending on the latest inputs will appear automatically making the system Live.
  • The tool offers a detailed time breakdown for each day, each user. With these stats you can easily analyze the reports; understand and optimize your time according to your priorities. This can be really helpful to get more out of your time.
  • Reporting to the clients and keeping them updated regularly is often one of the most time consuming tasks for the managers. With the help of Everhour the reporting and sharing process can be simplified, as you can easily export Everhour data through direct link or Google Drive.
  • Everhour also provides a unique solution for task updates from the team members. You no more need to distract your team for getting their status on a specific issue. The information is instantly available on reports as per the requirements.
  • The tool supports a more organized team management and a better productivity.
  • This web based application has Xero/GitHub integration, and provides organization dashboard for simplicity of use.
  • All accounts are free – both personal and business.
  • The administrator can easily add or delete any user from the Everhour account within seconds.
  • The Everhour data is hosted on Rackspace Cloud; which ensures the best safety. Daily backup of the data, encrypted passwords, account access only via secure protocols like HTTPS, and SSH makes it highly secured for personal and business use.

Summary: Everhour developed by Weavora offers a unique solution for time management and reporting needs of businesses of every size.

Good:  Being cloud based the app, offers maximum security of your data.

Bad: No bad reports about the application have been yet registered.

Worth Having WebApp –  Try Everhour Today


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