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Android technology has opened up the scope of entertainment with lots of apps ready to download. There are apps that are made for playing and fun while there are other apps that make your phone really smart by adding some value to it. However, the jungle of apps is becoming dense everyday and finding the right app can be a bit problematic unless you know the exact name. People are not ready to pay money for the apps too and thus, you need something that can sort the free apps for you. 1mobile is one such app available for the android users which can change the way you sort apps.

1mobile is a unique app that works just like the play store but it is advanced in many ways. The app sorts the free apps for you and shows you only those which are free. You can view your local apps as well as global apps and all the features are available for free. It is certainly a smart app that customizes the search for you. You will see which apps are already there in your phone and require update and you can also see which the recommended apps are for you. Just scan the bar code into your mobile and you are ready to download the app.


  • 1mobile is a website that provides the app for the android users. It is possible to download the app only by scanning the barcode in it.
  • The app is a compilation of all apps available in the play store. Here, you are only going to get the list of free apps compatible to your device.
  • The app sorts free apps to tell you which one is compatible to your mobile.
  • You can select apps according to the category. There are categories such as photography, productivity, shopping, social, sports, tools, transportation, travel, and weather. You will get numerous free apps in these categories.
  • You can download directly by tapping on the free button. You will be charged by the data operator but not by the store.
  • You will be provided notification for all the apps that you download through the 1Mobile app.
  • The apps are shown in different sections such as global new, local new, global top and local top.
  • A combination of play store and other apps are shown.
  • You will have a personalized account designed for you which will show the apps that you have along with your setting and other information.
  • The current version available is 3.9.6 and free update is available from the provider of the app.
  • The display is clear and sorted so anyone can use it with ease.
  • The app is compatible with most of the android devices.

Summary: 1Mobile is a compilation app that allows the user to see the free apps available on the web. It is a functional app that is quite easy to use.

Good: The good thing is that you don’t require finding the apps that are free and compatible from the app jungle. Everything will be sorted by the app.

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