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Who does not want to spend most of the time with their soul mate? Soulmate is an iPhone social networking application designed for singles and couples alike. Its purpose is to join compatible people together, thereby increasing the possibility of people meeting their soul mate. Also, if someone has met a partner through use of the application, the application is intelligent enough to protect the users from meeting other potential mates. Most other applications only introduce mates and let them do the rest themselves, Soulmate makes things easier for couples to communicate and spend more time being a couple.

The user opens up the application with a single touch of an icon. The user creates their profile and includes details about them self. If the user is currently single, then the application will search its database for potential matches of the user. However, if the user is one part of a couple that has been matched through the application, the application allows the user to call, send a text message or emails to their mate. It also contains a diary to store important dates related to the couple, such as an anniversary or future dates. Users can take photographs of their first date and upload these into a couples shared album which can be sorted and categorized. There is also a function which allows reminder notes to be set either textually or audibly. There are even some mini games which can be played by couples.

This application introduces single people to many genuine people and helps in finding their soul mates. It is a wonderful app for couples, which help them to spend quality time with each other. And what’s more, the application is free to download and use! This is also taking into consideration the amount of other similar applications which require the user to pay a fee for use of the services. The software is easy to download and also simple to use, so it has a high factor of usability. The application is currently being developed for the Android platform meaning that it will have greater scope for potential users.

The software also sends random letters from the love cupid to users, and another benefit of the software is that when two partners have been matched and formed a couple, the software will not allow other users to contact the couple. There is also a shared diary for the couple to post notes and photographs to each other, allowing couples to post intimate details to each other that only they can view. One further benefit is the coding used to create the application means that exchanges between couples are protected and un-viewable by other users of the application.

Soulmate is an excellent way to meet potential mates and also for couples to add something different to their relationship regarding their communications. The ease of use of the application will also please users but possibly the greatest asset is that the application is free.

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