Space Ball: A Basketball Game For Your Mobile With New Twists

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Sport games on mobile have been the most engaging games that everyone loves to play. However, the major problem was the graphics and all games seemed to be same. With improved graphics and new features available with android, you cannot settle for anything less than the best and this applies to your gaming choice. The new Space Ball, version 1.0.4 is one such engaging basketball game packed with new twists and the graphics is such that you will love to play it no matter how many times you have already completed the levels.

The game, space ball, is packed with features and you can download it on your android enabled device. The game has lot many surprises than what you can think about. Your fingers are your weapon here and you can simply drag to aim the bag to the basket. The varied backboard would never let fun go out of gaming. The game divided into four modes can be made as difficult as you want it. The graphics is fresh and new and you are going to love.

Features Of Space Ball

  • Space Ball is a basketball game which is a combination of sports and action games. The excitement of action game and the skill of sports is incorporated in this game.
  • The game has four modes and it contains basketball hoops and dunks that will amaze you.
  • The game has a lot of twists and turns with new baskets coming in every now and then. You have to be really fast to score more.
  • The game, space ball is downloadable to your android Phone and you require android 2.2 or higher version to play the game.
  • One of the best features of the game is its sweet interaction option.
  • The graphics is something that would be loved by kids as well as adults. The graphics is colorful and it looks newer and fresher than the previous games of basketball you have already played.
  • The controls of the game are intuitive and you will learn them within a few minutes of starting the game.
  • The game takes about 29m space on your mobile or other device.
  • The game is a free one to download, at least till date.
  • You can download the game seamlessly from the game shop where it is available.

Summary: Space Ball is a unique game from Dresoft, developer that already delivered many such interesting and challenging games for your mobiles and other devices. The game has new twists, improved graphics, easy playing options and perfect for beginners and experts.

Good: The best part of the game is the graphics and control. It is easy to learn playing the game and easy to score. You can change the modes of the game and still the control stays easy. The game comes free for the time being and does not take up much space for installation.

Bad: The application has access to your massages and it also has full internet access. Make sure you enable or disable options that you don’t want on your phone and your application.

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