Space Barriers- Unique Traditional Puzzle Game

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The newly released iOS exclusive Space Barriers is an exciting and unique twist on the traditional puzzle genre. The object is quite simple, get the ball into the goal while avoiding the traps throughout the level. A simple premise with challenging implications that are sure to keep you coming back for more! With vivid graphics that captivate you immediately on startup and an intricate play style that becomes addictive after the first game, Space Barriers is sure to be amongst one of your favorite apps of 2016!

The overall design of Space Barriers is very unique and visually stunning, upon launching the game you’ll be met with the start menu with typical options like sound and faqs. Once you click play you’ll be met with a screen that shows all the levels (once you beat them) and you can select which one you want to play. The levels increase in difficulty as you progress becoming seemingly impossible to beat on the higher levels however it allows the game longevity and gives you a sense of duty to prove to yourself that you can beat it! Some cons are that options are limited, it would be nice if you were able to change play speed or if you were allowed to disable the timer to focus solely on getting the ball into the goal however these are minor issues and don’t take away from the great game that Space Barriers is.

The pros are that you are allowed to change sensitivity so if the play mechanics are too responsive you can adapt it to your play style. The visual presentation of Space Barriers is very unique, combing classic retro with modern space age the game is visually intoxicating and will leave you mesmerized by simply looking at it, however this sometimes becomes a distraction as all of the vivid colors become overwhelming at times and make it more difficult to focus on the objective! The level designs are very cool! The game incorporates different materials objects and even shapes into the level design to make each one unique, after playing a certain level you may find yourself going back to play it again and again just for fun! The game is just that good! The ever changing play dynamic as you progress through the game is very impressive, the developers seem to have a grasp on what the player wants, it’s just the right mix of difficulty mixed with fun sprinkled throughout each level that drives you to play until you beat it!

Final Verdict: Space Barriers is a new challenging puzzle game combining elements of classic puzzle game and modern gameplay. The game can become frustrating at times when you fling the ball in one direction and it’s delayed in its response. The graphics are stunning and really captivate the player, the overall difficulty and gameplay are the right mix to keep the player coming back for more! If you’re looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game Space Barriers is worth a download!

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