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Basic building blocks are the most important aspect to build a concept in any field. The same applies to mathematics where multiplication tables are the fundamentals. You cannot avoid learning them as they are applied everywhere. That’s why school teachers devote so much time to help the children learn these tables using different ways. But still, there are some voids which cannot be filled and that’s why, interactive learning is now playing a crucial role in the children’s learning process.

Space Mathematics is an IOS app brought to you by Rucarta Developers. The app is compatible with I Phone, I Pad and I touch. It has been designed as a learning program for children. It helps children to learn mathematical tables in an entertaining way. The user is taken into a space program where he/she will be guided by Cosmic, a 3D animated character, who will explain to you the different game tasks. The plot has been created such that you have to save the earth from the meteorites by launching rockets at them with double the capacity of the meteorite.

Now here’s the learning part. Each rocket is labeled with a number determining the capacity of that rocket. So, you have to send the correct rocket in a given span of time before the meteorite hits the earth. There are tables provided to you at the bottom menu for assistance. So, tables are actually being learned by the children with interest. Apart from that, there are 3 different levels of difficulty as well as a training session to practice before going into the actual battle ground.

The user interface of the game is specially designed for small children. It is very simple, easy to navigate and interactive. All the controls are clearly mentioned and the animations are perfect to suit for the particular age group. The graphics are colorful and very unique. The sounds are really amazing and beautiful and enhance the beauty of the game. Also, the no. of tasks that you have completed and the errors committed are shown on the top of the screen.

The game is priced at $0.99 which is quite satisfying going with the features and the performance. There are many other similar apps available for free but the quality of this app separates it out. If your child plays this game for 2 hours every day, you will definitely be proud of his marks in mathematics this time.

The app is limited to a certain age group but will definitely be enjoying a comfortable share of market in this region. There could have been some extra features like completing the entire package of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication because that would have helped the children to grab more in lesser time with all around development. But still, we really liked their concept of story building which was quite engaging as well as their animations.

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