Space War – Retro Shooter

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With all of the funny things going on in life right now, I’m wholly enjoying the moments I have with pretty much any game these days. I grew up on the Space battle games when I was younger, so I’m always curious about fresh new approaches to these timeless genres. When Space War – Retro Shooter by SHMUP HOLIC on the Play Store came out, I was addicted and couldn’t stop playing it, since I love cute things and looked like nothing I tried before.

If passionate players are ready for a classic Arcade shmup gameplay then Space War is the best space battle game which is effectively rendered with 2D pixel graphics would hook every retro-nostalgic into its arcade gameplay. The zeal players can simply control a plane and should travel through several hostile alien planets.

It is noted that the players can use their dexterity to fend off incoming dangers and keep shooting down everything that moves. It is conveyed that you can use Play the Arcade mode by advancing from level to level, or unlock the Boss-battle mode to fight only the bosses and unlock special planes. The major question would be can you defeat all the bosses?

Key Features of Space War – Retro Shooter

Shoot’em up Gameplay – Space War game effectively features a classic shmup arcade gameplay where you must use your spaceship to destroy hordes of enemy ships and bosses. The players can simply guide the ship and it will shoot automatically.

Multiple fighting planes – The players have more than 30 different planes to choose from and start blasting enemies. You can start with your grandfather’s old plane and use collected coins to unlock more powerful ones. They are possible to unlock special planes by defending bosses.

Upgrades & power-ups – During play the players could pick up several power-ups which assist you to shoot faster and more powerful or protect you. They can also collect nukes to blast whole areas and use in-game coins to buy upgrades namely for your shield, gun, bomb, magnet.

Witness difficult levels – The players have 8 different planets to unlock, each with multiple levels that would keep you hooked for hours. Every time you lose your lives, players must start over and replay those levels. They must also face 8 EPIC boss battles.

Lucrative 2D pixel graphics- Space War features beautiful pixel-perfect graphics that would bring out the retro-nostalgic in you. It is also accompanied by an original soundtrack to assist you immerse in the action.

Finally I’m totally assuaged on in Space War – Retro Shooter and enjoyed the game. It’s certainly something that’s so much different on the Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. More interestingly shooting is so cool and everyone can enjoy the variety of shooting games from SHMUP HOLIC!




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