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Whether you want to learn Spanish for a business necessity, to keep pace with the popular culture, or to simply improve your travel experience, the Spanish Smash app can give you a helping hand. Spanish Smash is an Android based mobile learning game platform that provides a fun and easy way to learn the language.

Rather than calling it an application, Spanish Smash is more of a game that promotes easy and quick learning. The app primarily helps users achieve and maintain a state of engagement, something that is considered to be one of the most difficult aspects of learning a language. This application has been developed by a team of innovative and award-winning designers. The standards of the game content the app has, is based on educator-approved, cutting-edge language learning curriculum.

How it works?

Spanish Smash requires Android 2.2 and up versions, and installs in a few easy steps. The complete version of the app includes 20 language packs while the half priced version has 10 packs. However, those who purchase the app at discounted rates will receive a free upgrade with the 10 additional packs as and when they are made available.

Words in the app are organized into language packs grouped under a theme. For instance, day-to-day conversation essentials are grouped under the Communications language pack while numbers are listed under the Numbers pack. The Travel pack has all the words that a traveler will need in the myriad of situations he may face. Each pack has ascending levels and users have to play level by level to advance to the next step.


  • The app features an arcade style, game based interface, a great alternative to irksome flash cards.
  • The vocabulary training helps users learn more than 240 Spanish words in an effective manner.
  • The app is ideal for travelers and helps them pick up Spanish words right from their phone wherever they may be.
  • The app can be used by learners across the beginner and intermediate categories.
  • The app features an audio-visual training system and users will be trained to recognize Spanish text and sound too.
  • All Spanish words in the app sound like how a native Spanish speaker would pronounce them.
  • The language packs cover all essentials including numbers, communications, stationery, clothing, colors, around the home, fruits, vegetables, and animals.
  • The app does not involve any translation.
  • Technology, travel, sports, food essentials, sea food, meat, beverages, body parts, and more numbers are some of the additions that the developer’s will soon bring in to the app.
  • To ensure mastery of a group of words, the app provides three stages and forty-one levels that get increasingly difficult as a user progresses through them.

Spanish Smash is ideal for those who want to start learning Spanish right from scratch but is also great for individuals who would like to refresh their vocabulary and get it going. Based on a game play method, the app is engaging, easy, and fun to use. Learning the language right from your Android makes it even more special!

Worth Having App – Download Spanish Smash


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