Spice up your phone calls with Flash!

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Reviews | 0 comments

Flash is a new app that allows you to send pictures as a caller ID when you call people, so when they look at their phone they see the image you sent. There’s a powerful photo editor for you to play around with your pictures, a built-in messenger and even a “hidden flash” mode which password protects pictures and has them self-destruct.

Ever called a friend who just refuses to pick up the phone, even though you know they have their phone in their hands? It’s frustrating! With Flash you could tell them why you’re calling so they’re more likely to pick up the phone. Whether you can’t decide between two outfits or want to invite them out for a drink, Flash makes it easy to get your message across before your friend even answers!

Using their in-depth photo editor you can add all sorts of cool things to your images. Play with filters, add text, stickers or graphics to make your pictures pop. You can even keep sharing pictures while you’re on the call!

Flash offers more than just calling. With an integrated messenger app you can keep the conversation going, start a group chat, share images and enjoy all the features you’d ever need from a great instant messenger.

Change the way you call with Flash – download now on iOS and Google Play


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