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It is a tool which you can use for creation of custom tabs within the Facebook page of your company. You can publish tabs to your page with ease, also it is possible to edit and swaps tabs as often as you desire.

You can very well stand out from the audience with custom tabs which looks more professional. It also increases traffic to your Facebook page. You can engage your target audiences with new heights.

Really you don’t have to flourish countless dollars to create an effective Business page on Facebook. By help of splashtab you can reduce the expenses.

It helps creating and updating custom Facebook tabs as easy as writing an email. You can create, edit, and add efficacious custom tabs to your business page without learning any new technology.

Facebook business pages permits you to strengthen customer relationship by offering custom branded content about your business. So by using this splashtabs you can impress 500 million potential clients on Facebook by setting splashtab as the default page shown to first time visitors with images, special coupons, news updates and links. This service provider offers you a 14 days free trail so you can try this for testing.

Quick Review of Splashtab.com

  1. You can grow your business on Facebook.
  2. It helps creating and updating custom Facebook tabs as easy as writing an email.
  3. How can it be customized with more benefits?

Visit this site at http://www.splashtab.com/ and post your reviews as comments.

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  1. Kody kreskowe

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