Sports Heads: Basketball Championship- Challenge Accepted

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Today, we have a new game in our review court called Sports Heads: Basketball Championship. This is an online flash game, part of the Poki Games ( Now coming straight to the Basketball court, here we’re talking about professional basketball where you’ll be head-to-head with players from NBA. It sounds amusing for a moment that you’ll be sharing the stage with greatest in the field, but after that gaily feeling shakes out from your head, then you’ll realize what big a problem you’ve messed with.

The championship starts off with league matches. There are total 14 in number that you’ll have to play and only if you’re in the top 8 that you’ll qualify for the play-offs. The number sounds quite big but if I tell you that each match is only 1-minute long, then I don’t think fatigue will be a problem here, right! The team which scores more points at the end of 1 minute will be the winner. So you have to be quick with your moves and think without a wasteful of thought.

Now let’s discuss your team structure! But wait! There’s no team. Yes, you heard it right. You’re the only player out there representing your team and you’re up against an individual from the other side. Moreover, even your whole body is not required for the purpose; your head will do the job, and your hand. So when you play the game for the first time, don’t be surprised to be looking at two heads with bigger hands standing on two opposite sides of the court. As the ball drops in the middle, your job starts. The controls are simple: use arrow keys to move and jump and use the spacebar to shoot.

If the players are not the same as a normal basketball game, how can you expect the court to be? The court though has two rings on either side; there are some bouncing pads on the top and jumping pads near the ring that you must use in your favor to score. Moreover, there are many power ups that you can collect such as Speed Boost, Big Ball, ice opponent, etc. These are very helpful in your journey. The gameplay might be a bit confusing in the start when you don’t know what’s happening. But by the time you score your first basket, you’ll figure out everything.

There are two difficulty modes: easy and difficult and you can choose anyone. Also, you can choose any team of your choice. But whether you’re a Brooklyn or New Yorker or Toronto or Clevelander, each game would be so challenging that even qualifying to the Play-offs would be a distant dream. But keep hanging there and soon you’ll be fighting for the championship.

Overall, I’d say that Sports Heads: Basketball Championship is an amazing game. The graphics are awesome, smooth animations and the gameplay is just killer! Moreover, there’s a 2-player mode as well. So if you have friends to play with, what are you waiting for! And yes, it’s free!

Pros: awesome graphics; choose your NBA team; 1-minute matches; 2-player mode; simple controls; challenging but addictive gameplay; free.

Cons: none.

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