SportStreet : The Ultimate Sports Fan Experience

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Sports fans will surely love this new, super fun app SportStreet from Sport Street Inc. You need to have iTunes installed and must have an active iTunes account in order to download and then install the application. The app offers access to an exciting world of sports and is compatible with the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. System requirements are an iOS of 3.1 or later and an iTunes account. It is available under the free Social Networking category.


  • Users of the app can have access to the NFL, the NBA, NHL and Global Soccer and lots more.
  • Users can also see tweets from teams in real time.
  • They can view the pictures as well as videos from all the leading sites, such as breaking news and game schedules
  • The user can watch pictures and videos and also upload any comments and share them all in a single place.
  • Enjoy a live game chat or check in to the games or the chat. Make comments and listen to what others are saying.
  • Scores are also automatically updated.
  • There is also a sign up available for those who don’t use Facebook.
  • The size of the application is 7.3 MB and the version is 1.2.9. It is available in the English language.
  • SportStreet makes use of various tools, such as the Sport Street site allowing users an online interaction.
  • The feeds are very conveniently organized into Team pages.

The Good

Fans can follow all the sports news and can enjoy live chats during the game. They can view team schedules and also read breaking news. The app is also a complement to other mediums from Sport Street, such as websites and mobile sites along with the Android App that is it going to launch sometime later. It is an easy and convenient way for fans to get close to the action. They don’t need to access other social networks to follow the athletes or teams they like. The application gives them real time access to the feeds from all social media and to comments from players and athletes as well as all their favorite teams.

The Bad

It is compatible only with iTunes, iPad and the iPad Touch and you will need an active iTunes account in order to download and use the app.


SportStreet app is a new iPhone app from Sport Street Inc., which is a pioneer in the sports social media. With this app, fans can easily access the team pages having the content from all top social media sites, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and so on. The app is great in delivering the social fan experience. It is, in short, a niche social platform for those interested in sports. It focuses specifically on sports fans and is the first of its kind. It is a new and deeper way to connect with your favorite sport and players. It is a one stop platform that the user can enjoy for endlessly engaging with his favorite sport by means of the social media. Fans can ride the wave of excitement during a tournament with their favorite players.

Worth Having Application – Download the application


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